We discovered Camilia when our now 11 month old started teething at about 4 months. We had been using another Boiron product for colic which seemed to work so naturally we went with a brand we trusted. It helped big time. Within minutes there was a change in our daughter’s disposition. She would stop crying or screaming almost right away and would be smiling again. From the first box we gave, we made sure to always keep 2 boxes on hand just in case (along with other Boiron products for both of our kids).


Mississauga, Ontario

I still use Camilia with my daughter when she is teething and it always helps to soothe her. It makes her days and nights easier. When my daughter is teething she is up all night. She won’t eat much and she is very agitated. With Camilia it makes me feel better as a mom knowing that my daughter isn’t in constant pain and she can be the lovable, happy child she always is.


Petawawa, Ontario

I have been using Boiron products with my children for the past few years. My oldest refused cold teethers or washcloths or teething toys to help alleviate the pain associated with teething. I gave him Camilia and usually after 5 minutes of administration, his fussiness and irritation seemed to diminish. If I noticed he was not getting much relief, I would administer the second dose which seemed to help. Now with my second son who is currently teething, I have instantly used Camilia to help him with his fussiness and pain.



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